It has been brought to our attention by our supplier 3M (formally known as Capital Safety) that they have issued a product recall on the LadSaf Sleeve.

The official recall notice is shown below: 


In clarifying the issue with our supplier, they have advised that there may be a delay in supplying a replacement LadSaf sleeve. As such, they are willing to supply a complimentary twin tail lanyard for use as an interim measure. In order for us to arrange for the replacement of the LadSaf sleeve as well as provide a twin lanyard as an interim measure, we require your assistance in preparing some data for the supplier.

At your earliest convenience, please supply the following information: 

  • Company name
  • Name of contact coordinating supply
  • Mobile phone number of key contact
  • Preferred address for delivery
  • How many sleeves you have that need to be replaced
  • If you require a twin lanyards to be supplied as an interim measure
  • If instead of a replacement sleeve, you would prefer to receive a refund

Please send an email to with the above information. Inventory of LadSaf sleeves that have been tagged out of service should be retained in a secure location to enable us to make the exchange, once stock has been supplied. We will advise details about the availability of twin lanyards in due course.

Further information about the recall can be obtained from the Capital Safety website at:

If you have any other questions please, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team on 1300 893 230.