SwarmUAV LogoUnmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) – Land Survey

We offer a variety of survey services to the Mining and Utilities sector from topographic surveys to Environmental Impact Assessment imagery for proposed wind turbines, hydro schemes, substations, transmission lines and pipelines.

Our innovative, unique UAV platforms provide high definition imagery, elevation data and digital terrain models (DTM) to enable better scoping, planning, design and maintenance decisions.

Main Benefits

  • Reduce costs – we can survey >500 Ha in a day
  • Save time – large areas surveyed up to 50 times faster than ground-based land surveying with multiple teams allowing rapid deployment
  • Improve safety – survey hazardous areas with minimal ground access and less time on site due to rapid data collection
  • Better information – vertical and oblique photography is combined with accurate topographic data, digital terrain modelling and volumetric analysis
  • Improve decision making – more detailed and up-to-date than off-the-shelf data


  • Topographic surveys
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • As-built surveys
  • Construction progress photography
  • Flood risk surveys
  • Volumetric analysis
  • Line of sight surveys
  • Site design
  • Route surveys
  • Marketing images


Our UAVs acquire hundreds of vertical images on each flight. These images are processed using our bespoke software to produce high-resolution orthophotos. An orthoimage is an aerial photograph with a uniform scale similar to a map.

The orthophotos can be georeferenced to a known coordinate system and overlaid on existing data, used in Google Earth or independently. Imagery can be supplied in formats compatible with GIS, CAD, Google Earth or printed in large format.

The aerial photography is supplied at resolutions up to 2.5cm/pixel (unlike off-the-shelf aerial imagery that is typically 12.5cm/pixel resolution and may well be out-of-date.

Digital Elevation Models

We acquire hundreds of stereo images on each UAV flight. Our bespoke software generates accurate and detailed digital elevation models (DEM) or 3D representations of the terrain surface. The DEM can be used for visualisation, volumetric analysis and design tasks.

Currently we are producing topographic data with an accuracy level of 50-60mm, which is comparable to traditional GPS ground-based techniques. The DEM data can be supplied in formats compatible with GIS and CAD systems or we can process the data to your requirements.

Typically we issue this elevation data at 1m grid resolution but smaller resolutions can be supplied on request.

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On Shore Refineries
UAV's provide a fast and effective way for our clients to inspect their on shore assets without the need to for the inspections to be done on a shutdown.
Off Shore Oil and Gas
Accessing hard to reach locations is even harder off shore. Our UAV solutions enable clients to inspect areas faster and safer than previous methods.
Mining and Utilities
The use of UAV imagery for mines have helped improve their efficiencies. Knowing stock levels to inspections of infrastructure, such as conveyor belts.
Wind and Solar
Using UAV to carry out visual inspections of wind turbines has reduced the down time and increased safety by providing a rapid access solution.

Industrial Inspections

Our UAV teams can provide a range of visual industrial inspections. Including but not limited to video, photos, and thermal imagery.

Land Survey

Our land survey solutions provide our clients with invaluable data for their projects, ranging from construction sites to mines.

"From the first day that we discussed the installation of an overhead safety line in our Ausco Modular site at Seven Hills to the on-site training of our staff, the whole project was managed exceptionally well by the team at RIGCOM Access. Their turn around speed, professionalism and attention to detail was excellent. Ausco Modular would happily have RIGCOM Access back for any future projects and highly recommend them as a quality service provide"

Darren Ziegenfusz, Ausco Modular