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Our expertise in the oil and gas industry ensures that we understand your goal to maintain the highest level of safety whilst operating at maximum efficiency. By using our UAV expertise to inspect your assets whilst they remain live, we can help you to achieve this goal. For flare tips, flare booms and other structures RIGCOM Access – UAV can give you the information you need to help make tough operational or project decisions by reducing unknowns.

Main Benefits

  • Save money – An inspection while the asset is still online, 4-8 months before a shutdown, will save you money
  • No downtime of your platform – with assets able to stay online and operational during inspection
  • Minimum Health & Safety issues– unmanned, battery operated UAVs reduce the need for people to be placed in potentially dangerous locations
  • De-risk planned shutdowns and maintenance – have the information to fully plan and budget shutdowns
  • Higher quality information – our technical skill to fly close to assets along with our experience and industry leading knowledge lets operators locate and diagnose problems quickly. From all angles both visually and thermally

To see how RIGCOM Access – UAV GUARANTEES to provide you a quick, cost effective solution to carry out inspection services that will decrease downtimes and increase your facilities productivity. Call RIGCOM Access – UAV NOW for your Free consultation on 1300 893 230 or email contact us

On Shore Refineries
UAV's provide a fast and effective way for our clients to inspect their on shore assets without the need to for the inspections to be done on a shutdown.
Off Shore Oil and Gas
Accessing hard to reach locations is even harder off shore. Our UAV solutions enable clients to inspect areas faster and safer than previous methods.
Mining and Utilities
The use of UAV imagery for mines have helped improve their efficiencies. Knowing stock levels to inspections of infrastructure, such as conveyor belts.
Wind and Solar
Using UAV to carry out visual inspections of wind turbines has reduced the down time and increased safety by providing a rapid access solution.

Industrial Inspections

Our UAV teams can provide a range of visual industrial inspections. Including but not limited to video, photos, and thermal imagery.

Land Survey

Our land survey solutions provide our clients with invaluable data for their projects, ranging from construction sites to mines.

“During the planning process to safely access the Jet fan cradles for the Lane Cove tunnel, we engaged RIGCOM Access to help provide a solution. Utilising Rope Access, RIGCOM Access have delivered to us a very practical and safe method for accessing the cradles of our Jet fans. When developing new maintenance procedures, our biggest aim is that they are carried out safely. I would be happy to recommend RIGCOM Access to any commercial or industrial places of work. Their technical knowledge is of a high class and they also offer a very high level of customer support, which is a hard thing to find.”

Christian Hoelscher, Transfield Services