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RIGCOM Access – UAV Inspection & Monitoring services provide quick and easy visual access to tall structures, large infrastructure works and complex engineering or environmental projects. Safe, reliable and compact enough to access the most difficult of working environments, RIGCOM Access – UAV remotely piloted UAVs are the ideal solution where it is deemed high-risk, or simply too dangerous for a manned presence.

RIGCOM Access – UAV Inspection & Monitoring services are available for:

  • Routine Plant Inspections
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Care & Maintenance
  • Damage Assessment
  • Insurance Records
  • Security & Surveillance

RIGCOM Access – UAV will provide HD video or high-resolution digital photographic records of your project in either un-edited or fully processed formats complete with GPS encoding and compatible with most GIS software suites.

To see how RIGCOM Access – UAV GUARANTEES to provide you a quick, cost effective solution to carry out inspection services that will decrease downtimes and increase your facilities productivity. Call RIGCOM Access – UAV NOW for your Free consultation on 1300 893 230 or email contact us.

On Shore Refineries
UAV's provide a fast and effective way for our clients to inspect their on shore assets without the need to for the inspections to be done on a shutdown.
Off Shore Oil and Gas
Accessing hard to reach locations is even harder off shore. Our UAV solutions enable clients to inspect areas faster and safer than previous methods.
Mining and Utilities
The use of UAV imagery for mines have helped improve their efficiencies. Knowing stock levels to inspections of infrastructure, such as conveyor belts.
Wind and Solar
Using UAV to carry out visual inspections of wind turbines has reduced the down time and increased safety by providing a rapid access solution.

Industrial Inspections

Our UAV teams can provide a range of visual industrial inspections. Including but not limited to video, photos, and thermal imagery.

Land Survey

Our land survey solutions provide our clients with invaluable data for their projects, ranging from construction sites to mines.

As workplace safety is the number one priority of BAE Systems Australia, we engaged the services of RIGCOM Access to install a fall safety system in our Sydney based maintenance facility. RIGCOM Access were able to professionally tailor a fall safety system to protect our employees whilst working at heights, including on-site training and ongoing product support. We would like to recommend RIGCOM Access to any other safety focused company who requires excellent professional service and quality products.

Tim Devlin, BAE Systems, Maintenance Supervisor