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What do we do?

We carry out aerial inspections and surveys using remotely operated Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) whether it’s a close visual inspection of a live flare stack, flare tip, live transmission tower or topographic land survey from the air. We also undertake visual inspections of structures that may require new safety features or remedial work using our complimentary Rope Access and Height Safety expertise.

Who do we work for?

Our clients are from within the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Mining, Construction and Utility sectors, both onshore and offshore, across Australia. We aim to leverage market share in these sectors to become a recognised global leader.

What makes us different?

We could say it’s our pioneering partnership approach we adopt with our clients to deliver excellent cost effective solutions in a timely and efficient manner. In addition we believe that our years of Rope Access, Height Safety engineering and land surveying experience, together with working with some of the largest companies in the world is unsurpassed with our dedication to offer the most innovative technology available using our CASA accredited expert flight skills. We could also say it’s simply our commitment to deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction and safety.

Indeed all of these attributes have earned us praise and recognition from some of the largest international companies as a leader in remote aerial inspection and surveying.


Successful innovation starts when a company identifies a gap in the market. For us that was just the beginning. Having built the company around the disciplines of Rope Access and Height Safety, we then identified an opportunity to compliment our core expertise with the latest technological advancements in UAVs.

In 2013, RIGCOM partnered with a respected CASA Certified UAV operator which brought about the creation of RIGCOM Access – UAV. We have now combined our expertise to offer the most advanced and complete solution to meet the needs of our customer base by providing professional and reliable industrial inspections, land surveying and inspection service for some of the world’s largest companies. We had to make sure that we had the right people on board to match our unique solution for industry and selected a partner who could compliment this with a team of professionals comprising dedicated, fully trained and CASA certified UAV pilots, inspection engineers and land surveyors. We now provide a truly unique professional and reliable service.

We are one of only a small number of companies in the world that offer such services and have the ability to consistently and effectively deliver total customer satisfaction and excellence in what we do. Leading the field means that we must continually review and adapt our commercial offering to match the demands of an ever changing market. This ensures that we consistently provide the very best quality inspection and survey service.

Why choose RIGCOM Access – UAV?

Our combination of qualified and experienced inspection engineers, land surveyors, UAV pilots and specially designed UAV technology is unique, providing the information you need to make operationally critical decisions. Our approach, level of service and commitment to quality, we believe, goes above and beyond what anyone else can provide. For example, all the images on this website were obtained by RIGCOM Access – UAV while working on projects for our customers – no stock photography has been used.

We are unique, this means the benefits to you are too. Live inspections allow assets to remain operational. Land surveys from the air mean fast data collection with the addition of detailed photographic information. We will work with you and around you so that you can reduce costs and de-risk projects, without compromising safety, or quality.

To see how RIGCOM Access – UAV GUARANTEES to provide you a quick, cost effective solution to carry out inspection services that will decrease downtimes and increase your facilities productivity. Call RIGCOM Access NOW for your Free consultation on 1300 893 230 or email contact us

Recent Projects

On Shore Refineries
UAV's provide a fast and effective way for our clients to inspect their on shore assets without the need to for the inspections to be done on a shutdown.
Off Shore Oil and Gas
Accessing hard to reach locations is even harder off shore. Our UAV solutions enable clients to inspect areas faster and safer than previous methods.
Mining and Utilities
The use of UAV imagery for mines have helped improve their efficiencies. Knowing stock levels to inspections of infrastructure, such as conveyor belts.
Wind and Solar
Using UAV to carry out visual inspections of wind turbines has reduced the down time and increased safety by providing a rapid access solution.

Industrial Inspections

Our UAV teams can provide a range of visual industrial inspections. Including but not limited to video, photos, and thermal imagery.

Land Survey

Our land survey solutions provide our clients with invaluable data for their projects, ranging from construction sites to mines.

'We have found RIGCOM Access to be a breath of fresh air in the industry, in regards to compliance and reliability not just in the way they conduct their work but the quality of work they finish off and provide back to us. I would thoroughly and highly recommend RIGCOM Access for any height access, or Rope Access work and fully endorse them and their products for anybody in a variety of industries.'

Luke Schibeci, WHSE Manager, Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust