Tension Safety Netting

“Here’s how you save thousands of dollars on Oil Rigs, Infrastructure and Power Station Maintenance without the need to use scaffolding?” Tension Netting is the brilliant height safety solution that is lightweight, rapid to install, and is 100% guaranteed to save you time and thousands of dollars.”

Tension Netting is a specialised service offered by RIGCOM Access. It is an innovative access system which can be quickly erected and dismantled in areas where access would otherwise be limited to large and bulky scaffolding systems. Tension Netting is a commercially advantages solution for industries that require a decrease in downtime and increases in productivity.

The benefits of the Tension Netting Systems are:

  • Cost effective when compared to suspended and ‘ground up’ scaffolding
  • Reduced man hours due to rapid installation Tension Netting system
  • Highly portable with minimum storage and transport requirements
  • Lightweight components limiting stress and additional loading to structures including wind loading
  • Modular system fitting even the most bespoke spaces
  • The type of nets used 4x the strength of polypropylene nets manufactured for fall arrest purposes
  • Can be used as a containment System

The Tension Netting System provides a stable work platform for rapid, unrestricted access compared with typical scaffold systems and is highly adaptable and ideally suited to a variety of locations including production platforms, tankers, FPSO’s, storage facilities, power stations, ports and bridges.

Tension Netting Systems can also be installed as a heavy duty containment system enabling protection to elements below from heavy dropped objects. The containment system maybe installed to capture minute particles increasing up to large and heavy debris created from your desired work scope.

Extremely strong yet lightweight and transportable, Tension Netting Systems provides direct, unhindered and stable support for multiple personnel and their equipment. Utilising the Tension Netting System, technicians can carry out a large range of services including but not limited to; welding, cutting, component replacement, blasting, painting and inspections.

Without having to use expensive scaffolding solutions, RIGCOM Access GUARANTEES to provide you a rapid, cost effective access solution for your maintenance needs utilising Tension Netting. Call RIGCOM Access NOW for your Free consultation on 1300 893 230 or email contact us

Recent Projects

Industrial Rigging

With highly qualified and experienced teams of Riggers, we our able to offer and solve our clients most complex of rigging tasks.

Telecoms Rigging

With the constant need for the Telecommunication Industry to maintain, inspect and update their assets We are able to offer our clients a complete turnkey solution.

Tension Safety Netting

Rapid installation and low costs can make Tension Netting an ideal solution to provide a flexible working platform to carryout a range of maintenance and inspection tasks.

'We have found RIGCOM Access to be a breath of fresh air in the industry, in regards to compliance and reliability not just in the way they conduct their work but the quality of work they finish off and provide back to us. I would thoroughly and highly recommend RIGCOM Access for any height access, or Rope Access work and fully endorse them and their products for anybody in a variety of industries.'

Luke Schibeci, WHSE Manager, Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust