Painting Pristinely and Affordably via Rope Access.

SAVE $$$Thousands$$$ Using Rope Access Painting Solutions
Only by RIGCOM Access.

Paint Flaking in Hard to Reach Places????

Know the Facts Before You Paint at Height!

FACT: Under the Australia New Code of Practice, Fines have INCREASED By 2000% If you Do Not Comply with the Height Regulations!

This EVEN Applies to something as simple as Painting a 10 Ft Building!
Don’t RISK Getting Caught! It could cost you MILLIONS In Fines!

Rope Access best handles painting jobs at height, large and small.

Whether it’s steel work, the outside of a building, or the ceiling of your lobby, RIGCOM’s Paint Team can access via rope access, abseiling down the building to paint and give the proper attention that it needs and deserves.

RIGCOM’s Painting Team enters quickly, descending from the roof or ceiling, so that you never have to worry about the security or safety risks of scaffolding, and it’s business as usual on the ground.


Why Rope Access is Best for Exterior Building Painting?

  • Rope Access gets to those ‘Difficult-to-reach’ Areas on Buildings simply.
  • Scaffolding has the tendency to be in the place that needs to be painted and You Can’t Move the Scaffolds (so it is often forgotten or passed over….Spotty Buildings aren’t pretty)
  • RIGCOM’s Paint Teams can paint any area at any height
  • RIGCOM’s Paint Teams reach every nook and cranny with the paintbrush or roller


And it’s a Fraction of the Cost of Using Scaffolding

  • BECAUSE there is very little equipment (ie no scaffolding), we can get in and out so that your building is painted in the LESS TIME.
  • NO DELAYS! No more waiting for the scaffolding to be erected – We Start Painting on the FIRST DAY!
  • THE END RESULT: FASTER and MORE THOROUGH Paint Job – at a FRACTION Of the Price!
  • RIGCOM works with ACCREDITED Painting Teams to Certify and Guarantee the work is done per the Australia Code of Practice


Whether you are changing the entire colour scheme of your building or simply performing the building painting as necessary maintenance, you won’t have to wait weeks or months for the job to get completed!

Efficiency is the key, and as we have no set up or break down, so we can start the exterior painting of your building within hours of arriving on site.


What Others Say:

“RIGCOM Access’s Professional Approach toward their quotation and detail within the quotation help us to decide to use them. They completed the job to high standard and delivered on time. I would recommend RIGCOM Access to any company or persons requiring their services as the current completed job has had no issues.” Leonn Herrmann, NSW Building Trade Services Pty Ltd


Painting Assessments

Call a RIGCOM Access Expert Today for a FREE At-Height Painting Assessment. Your hard to reach painting problem is no problem to us! We provide you with a detailed assessment and a fully costed proposition to best serve you. Call RIGCOM Access NOW for your Free consultation on 1300 893 230 or email contact us

Painting is an art form that our experienced Rope Access technicians are more than capable of carrying out at heights. From painting patches to full building facades.
Trained Rope Access technicians can be provided to carry out your plumbing requirements. From plumbing in building voids to gutters and downpipes.
Remedial Works
Pro-active, rather than Reactive maintenance ensure you keep your building servicing costs down. Our teams are able to carry out a variety of remedial works on your buildings.
Inspection and Reporting
By carrying out detailed inspections, providing supporting reports, allows our clients to best manage their building maintenance issues. These reports are critical for reducing and forecasting their maintenance costs.


Our teams provide a range of Rope Access solutions to meet many different industrial locations and requirements.


Carrying out minor sealing jobs, to replacing large panels of glass on glass wall curtains. Our teams are capable of fulfilling your project requirements.

Confined Space and Rescue

Carrying out works in a confined space requires a high level of skill and training. Our teams are more than qualified to confined space projects, or provide stand-by rescue for your projects

Tension Netting

Rapid installation and low costs can make Tension Netting an ideal solution to provide a flexible working platform to carryout a range of maintenance and inspection tasks.

Building Maintenance

Rope Access provides a unique rapid access solution to carry out a variety of building maintenance tasks. From window cleaning to concrete cancer repairs our team can meet your needs.

Sign & Banner Installations

Our teams are efficient and effective when it comes to the installation of Banners and Signage at height. Using Rope Access helps reduce all those unwanted access issues you can get.

“RIGCOM Access offered Improved safety and monitoring of the system to be certified and a lower installation cost compared to other companies. With a short lead time, RIGCOM Access were flexible with the dates for our install and provided good after sales follow up. We would recommend RIGCOM Access to any company looking at using a similar Height Safety System.”

Darren Rapana, Regional Express Airlines