Height Safety – Vertical Line System

Have a CAGED Ladder? Is it 75 degrees or more from the horizontal???

Do you:
Work on telecom tower with a Caged Ladder?
Accessing a building roof top that has a Caged Ladder?
Access Plant and Equipment through a Caged Ladder?


As part of the workplace harmonisation laws, The New NSW Managing Risks Falls in Workplaces Code of Practice, Para 7.2 States:

“Ladder cages in fixed ladders do not stop a fall but simply funnel a fall and, in some cases, more injuries can occur from striking the protective backguards on the way down. The cages may also hinder rescues. Therefore, fixed ladders with angles exceeding 75 degrees to the horizontal should be fitted with a permanent or temporary fall-arrest system (anchorage lines or rails).”

The issue with having a Cage AND a Vertical Line System is that carrying out a rescue in a cage ladder at the best of times is difficult let alone on an unconscious patient.

RIGCOM Access’s recommendation is for the removal of the cage and installation of a Vertical Line System to comply with the new Code of Practice. Even better would be to have a ladder at 75º requiring no line or cage.

Fall Protection is to be taken very seriously, especially for workers that will be using ladders to access areas to carry out work.

Examples of where Vertical Line Systems approved and installed by RIGCOM Access can be used:

  1. Ladders
  2. Telecommunication Ladders
  3. Access Ladders onto Buildings
  4. Wind Turbine Access Ladders
  5. Facility Access Ladders

What Others Say:

As workplace safety is the number one priority of BAE Systems Australia, we engaged the services of RIGCOM Access to install a fall safety system in our Sydney based maintenance facility. RIGCOM Access were able to professionally tailor a fall safety system to protect our employees whilst working at heights, including on-site training and ongoing product support. We would like to recommend RIGCOM Access to any other safety focused company who requires excellent professional service and quality products.” Tim, BAE Systems

Height Safety Audit

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The go to Vertical Line safety system for industries. Used on telecom towers, road signs, silo's and general ladders.
A great system for use when only Stainless Steel will do. Has pass through technology to provide a continuous use without having to pull cable out of cable guides.

Engineered Systems

A range of Engineered Safety Systems to meet all your Height Safety needs. From Cable Systems, vertical and horizontal. To Rail systems and anchor points, we can provide a system suited to our clients needs.

Mobile Fall Protection

If you require a mobile Fall Protection solution, we have a variety of solutions that can be customised to meet your specific needs.

Access Systems

From Ladders, Walkway, Guardrail to platforms. We offer a wide variety of custom designed Access Systems to meet your needs.

Inspection and Compliance

Keeping your Height Safety Systems inspected and up to date is a critical part of your companies safety compliance. We are able to offer full inspection and certification compliance solutions.

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Rail Systems
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Anchor points for a large variety of application and needs to suite varying locations from Roof tops to structural installations.

'We decided to use RIGCOM Access because they were able to comply with the EU CE marking, providing pre-certified European components and assurance that our documentation requirements would be met. RIGCOM Access provided us with an unexpectedly helpful service and flexibility, particularly during installation when the installation team accommodated the difficulties of site planning without fuss or complaint. We would recommend RIGCOM Access for anyone that requires a professional permanent lifeline system installed with minimum hassle.'

Aidan Allen, Sr Field Engineer, Hatch.