Height Safety – Rail Systems

Rail Systems are one of the best alternative with optimal and ensured safety.

Perfect Place for a Rail System:

  • Facades
  • Cranes
  • Roof Tops
  • Walkways at Height (ie: Workshops with manufacturing belts – see picture)
  • Overhead Structures
  • Sign Rail Systems
  • Bridges

Who needs a Rail System?
People looking to carry out façade maintenance, people working on cranes, water companies, boats, wind turbines. It really depends on your application or your needs. To find out if a rail system is suitable for you, feel free to call RIGCOM and we can help assess whether or not it is a good fit for you – totally free of charge.

Why use a Rail System?

Benefits of Using a Rail System:

  1. You can span long distances.
  2. Very effective in industrial height safety applications, where limited ground clearance
  3. Safe Access to the Roof
  4. Narrow walkways would adversely affect user safety considerations
  5. Where significant distance between the working platform and the anchorage system would affect functional
  6. For small fall arrest safety installations.

The goal of a rails system is to travel smoothly along the entire length of the rail allowing the user to move up and down, across or below the rail and/or the ladder, and to not snag or resist one’s motion. A rail system allows the user the freedom to move about with complete freedom as the rail provides a fixed, stable asset.

In the event of a fall, it minimilises fall distances and load forces on the user. Additionally, the system provides ample foot space but gives workers freedom of movement. Rail Systems can be overhead, on the ground, or on ladders.

“Safety while ascending and descending ladders is a key issue in many industries,” says Greg Peterson, systems manager for Capital Safety, Australia and New Zealand.

RIGCOM Access proudly uses Rail Safety Systems that are made with the highest quality rail with the highest safety ratings every time.

Examples of Rail Systems approved and installed by RIGCOM Access:

  • Ladder Rails – Raillok
  • Overhead Rail System – UniRail and Rapture Rail
  • Abseil Rail Systems – Unirail & Rapture Rail
  • Davit Arm Rail Systems – Unirail, Roofsafe Rail
  • Roof Safety Rail Systems – Roofsafe Rail

To Find Out if a Rail System can solve your Height Safety Solution, Contact RIGCOM Access’s Height Safety Team to help you diagnose your system.

What Others Say:

“As workplace safety is the number one priority of BAE Systems Australia, we engaged the services of RIGCOM Access to install a fall safety system in our Sydney based maintenance facility. RIGCOM Access were able to professionally tailor a fall safety system to protect our employees whilst working at heights, including on-site training and ongoing product support. We would like to recommend RIGCOM Access to any other safety focused company who requires excellent professional service and quality products.” Tim, BAE Systems

Height Safety Audit

Call a RIGCOM Access Expert to schedule your site visit. Your height safety problem is no problem to us! We provide you with a detailed assessment and a fully costed proposition to best serve you. Call RIGCOM Access NOW for your Free consultation on 1300 893 230 or email contact us

The Railok system combines a Fall protection system and step ladder all in one to give you a perfect solution for your tower access needs
Versatile Rail system, that can be custom bent to suit a variety of situations. From Pilot Boats to Custom Abseil access solutions.
Roofsafe Rail
Perfect Rail solutions for Rope Access davit base solutions, or a simple height safety solutions when cable system fall clearances are available.
Raptor Rail
A great Rail system that can be used for Fall Arrest and Abseil solutions. Can be installed with wide structural spacings

Engineered Systems

A range of Engineered Safety Systems to meet all your Height Safety needs. From Cable Systems, vertical and horizontal. To Rail systems and anchor points, we can provide a system suited to our clients needs.

Mobile Fall Protection

If you require a mobile Fall Protection solution, we have a variety of solutions that can be customised to meet your specific needs.

Access Systems

From Ladders, Walkway, Guardrail to platforms. We offer a wide variety of custom designed Access Systems to meet your needs.

Inspection and Compliance

Keeping your Height Safety Systems inspected and up to date is a critical part of your companies safety compliance. We are able to offer full inspection and certification compliance solutions.

Static Line Systems
A range of Static Line Systems to meet a variety of needs. From Roof tops systems to overhead cranes.
Rail Systems
Versatile Rail Systems that can be designed for Abseil, Roof Jockey or Fall Arrest solutions.
Vertical Line Systems
Providing safe climbing access, utilising vertical line systems that can be retro fitted to current ladders or installed with new ladders.
Anchor Points
Anchor points for a large variety of application and needs to suite varying locations from Roof tops to structural installations.

“RIGCOM Access offered Improved safety and monitoring of the system to be certified and a lower installation cost compared to other companies. With a short lead time, RIGCOM Access were flexible with the dates for our install and provided good after sales follow up. We would recommend RIGCOM Access to any company looking at using a similar Height Safety System.”

Darren Rapana, Regional Express Airlines