Height Safety – Free Standing Ladder

FlexiGuard™ Ladder Fall Arrest System

FlexiGuard™ Ladder Fall Arrest System 2 FlexiGuard™ Ladder Fall Arrest System 3 FlexiGuard™ Ladder Fall Arrest System 1

The Adjustable Free-Standing Ladder Access System with Fall-Protection combines easy access to elevated work areas with Fall-Protection from the ground up for the duration of the work being performed.

Constructed of lightweight powder coated aluminium and zinc-plated steel, the Adjustable Free-Standing Ladder Access System with Fall-Protection is easily assembled and positioned. It can be collapsed for storage or transportation.

Each unit comes standard with adjustable handrails, foam-protected platform, two anchor davits and a fall arrest ladder anchor which provide a total of three attachment points for the anchorage of a Personal Fall- Arrest System(PFAS).

Available in a range of heights and wheel styles, the system can be ordered to meet your applications’ custom requirements. The Adjustable Free-Standing Ladder Access System can be easily moved by hand. It can also be moved by a forklift or towed by a maintenance vehicle when equipped with the proper accessories

Industry: Transportation – Aviation, machinery access

Application: Designed to provide safe access, horizontal movement and total fall protection on or near sensitive equipment. Complete with overhead horizontal rail and two trolley anchor points, providing total work area coverage.


  • Freestanding Ladder System
  • Fixed platform height
  • Adjustable height with built-in Advanced™ winch
  • Heavy duty urethane or foam filled pneumatic wheels
  • Multiple height adjustment ranges available
  • Fall arrest bar for accessing ladder
  • Heavy-duty levelling jacks included
  • Requires minimal clearance away from the work area/object
  • Durable aluminium and steel construction
  • Visual level indicators
  • Standard and custom designs available
  • Specialised installation and training available


The FlexiGuard™ Freestanding Ladder System combines easy access to elevated work areas with 100% fall protection for up to two users from the ground up for the duration of the work being performed. System configurations include guardrails and the use of multiple SRLs on the system. These systems are AS/NZS, ANSI, OSHA, CSA, and CE compliant. DBI-SALA® has created a proven process for developing unique solutions. Whether it’s an existing or modified product, or an entirely new design, FlexiGuard™ always meets the requirements of your specific application. Each custom solution is driven by our customers’ needs and is dependent on the industry, environment and specific design constraints, including government standards. We also have numerous pre-engineered systems that may be a perfect solution to your fall protection challenge. All of our systems are extremely durable and built to last with world-class quality, materials and workmanship. They are unique solutions to unique challenges, and fall protection you can trust.

When you need safe temporary access to your plant and equipment at heights RIGCOM Access has a solution for you. Call RIGCOM Access NOW for your Free consultation on 1300 893 230 or email contact us

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“RIGCOM Access offered Improved safety and monitoring of the system to be certified and a lower installation cost compared to other companies. With a short lead time, RIGCOM Access were flexible with the dates for our install and provided good after sales follow up. We would recommend RIGCOM Access to any company looking at using a similar Height Safety System.”

Darren Rapana, Regional Express Airlines