Height Safety – Access Systems

Work being Done On Your Site for More than 2 Metres High???

*****IMPORTANT: It’s the Law – You Need Fall Protection*****

Australian Regulation discusses provision and maintenance of physical restraints that are capable of arresting the fall of a person from a height of more than two metres. HOWEVER, New South Wales Regulations have changed in 2012, requiring a business obligation to maintain safety from any height!

But this is only if it is not reasonably practical to provide control measures such as scaffold, perimeter screens, fencing or handrails.

What is a Height Access System???

A Height Access System is system that allows safe access to Rooftops, Facilities – which allows work to be carried out on air conditioners, roofs, plant and equipment.

When is an Access System Needed?

An Access Systems is Needed when a Worker/Contractor needs to gain access to facilities’ Rooftops, Plant ad Equipment.

As the increase awareness of Health and Safety in the workplace takes effect, it is a legislative requirement under the OH&S Regulations Part 4.3, Division 6, clauses 56-61, for employers to ensure that all risks associated with falls from a height are controlled.

To control risks, the employer must provide and maintain the following measures:

  • Stable and securely fenced work platform or, if this is not reasonably practicable
  • Secure perimeter screens, fencing, handrails or other physical barriers capable of preventing falls or, if this is not reasonably practicable;
  • Other forms of physical restraint that are capable of arresting a fall from a height of more than two metres or, if this is not reasonably practicable;
  • Provision of a safe means of movement between different levels at the place of work.

Examples of Height Safety Access systems approved and installed by RIGCOM Access:

  • Ladders
  • Ladder Brackets
  • Walkways
  • Handrails

Whether you need a roof leak fixed, an air conditioner unit repaired, or top of building aesthetics repaired straight away, an Access System will be required for any maintenance to be completed at the top of the building.

What Others Say:

“As workplace safety is the number one priority of BAE Systems Australia, we engaged the services of RIGCOM Access to install a fall safety system in our Sydney based maintenance facility. RIGCOM Access were able to professionally tailor a fall safety system to protect our employees whilst working at heights, including on-site training and ongoing product support. We would like to recommend RIGCOM Access to any other safety focused company who requires excellent professional service and quality products.” Tim, BAE Systems

Curious as to Whether Your Access System is complaint OR Whether You Need an Access System?

Compliance Assessment

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We can design and build custom ladders to access all your building and facilities needs.
Walkway and Guardrail
Accessing your plant and equipment easily helps reduce potential hazards. Our walkway and guardrail solutions, help ensure your employees and contractors stay on the right path.
Custom designed platforms provide fast and effective means to access all manor of plant and equipment. From Air Conditioners to Flag Poles.
Custom designed stairs to suit varying different applications and locations for your buildings and facilities.

Engineered Systems

A range of Engineered Safety Systems to meet all your Height Safety needs. From Cable Systems, vertical and horizontal. To Rail systems and anchor points, we can provide a system suited to our clients needs.

Mobile Fall Protection

If you require a mobile Fall Protection solution, we have a variety of solutions that can be customised to meet your specific needs.

Access Systems

From Ladders, Walkway, Guardrail to platforms. We offer a wide variety of custom designed Access Systems to meet your needs.

Inspection and Compliance

Keeping your Height Safety Systems inspected and up to date is a critical part of your companies safety compliance. We are able to offer full inspection and certification compliance solutions.

"From the first day that we discussed the installation of an overhead safety line in our Ausco Modular site at Seven Hills to the on-site training of our staff, the whole project was managed exceptionally well by the team at RIGCOM Access. Their turn around speed, professionalism and attention to detail was excellent. Ausco Modular would happily have RIGCOM Access back for any future projects and highly recommend them as a quality service provide"

Darren Ziegenfusz, Ausco Modular