OH&S Systems

Ensuring The Highest Safety Standards Are Always Maintained

In short, no workplace danger is justifiable in any circumstances. RIGCOM Access aims to provide a safe working environment for all its contractors, employees and customers, always. For RIGCOM Access to maintain a 100% safety record that we are proud of requires a dedicated and systematic approach.
We have created best practices, training and policies to ensure that Occupational, Health and Safety is always at the forefront of the minds of our people.

RIGCOM Access is certain that 100% safety is maintainable on an ongoing basis providing these systems are rigorously followed and Australian & Global Standards are continued to be met.

RIGCOM Group and the core values at the heart of company will prove that safety and sustainability will always be a central focus. To find out more about how we operate in a safe and sustainable way in our projects, contact us today.

RIGCOM Access OH&S Policy

It is the fundamental commitment of our company to promote and maintain a healthy and safe place to work and to protect its employees and sub-contractors from injury and to protect property from accidental damage.

We are committed to ensuring that all personnel performing works on its projects or sites and others affected by this work are protected from injury or illness. We recognise that Occupational Health and Safety must be planned for and regarded as integral to all of our activities.

We are committed to achieving the highest standards of safety and require others working with or for us to also pursue this objective. Our intention is to lead by requiring a systematic approach to safety management initiated through our corporate management system that focuses on Occupational Health, Safety and Rehabilitation and is reflected in our projects through a Project Safety Plan.

We will achieve this by adopting the following principles:

  • That health and safety in the work place is an active management function;
  • That we will provide and maintain a healthy and safe environment in the workplace in compliance with Occupational Health and Safety legislation;
  • That our managers and supervisors accept responsibility for the implementation, leadership and maintenance of the Health and Safety programme implemented by the company and that they are accountable for establishing or implementing procedures by which all foreseeable hazards are effectively controlled.
  • That all our personnel are properly and adequately trained and are competent to carry out their functions and responsibilities on each project;
  • That, once trained, each employee accepts that it is their prime responsibility to ensure that their duties are carried out safely and without injury to themselves, other members of the company, employees of sub-contractors, visitors to the site, and the community. It is a requirement that all employees observe safety laws, regulations and rules to ensure that a safe working environment is maintained;
  • That all managers and supervisors and employees recognise that our industry requires processes and procedures to seek out hazards and control risks;
  • That every person, whether employed directly, a contractor, an employee of a sub-contractor, or visitor, shall observe and comply with all requirements of Occupational Health and Safety legislation;
  • It is everyone’s responsibility to observe safe work practices, rules and instructions relating to their work and scope of business and to work in a co-operative manner to assist others to achieve this goal;
  • That Health, Safety and Rehabilitation policies and procedures are continuously reviewed to further improve Health and Safety in the work place wherever possible;
  • That all our projects will encourage a spirit of openness and consultation. Formally, each project that is likely to have more than twenty construction personnel on site for reasonable period of time will establish a consultative committee for occupational health and safety. This OH&S Committee will consist of management and site workforce representatives who will meet on a regular basis to work in consultation on ways to improve project OH&S. In other cases, Safety Representatives may be elected for the purpose of consultation, if it is the wish of personnel in the workplace; and
  • Our company will maintain a system of consultation through either a Company OHS Committee or else through a system of elected safety Representatives.

Our Mission

Is to provide the best height safety access maintenance services on the market. Allowing our clients focus on what they do best.


Safety And Sustainability

Safety is core to the RIGCOM Access culture. As is building a sustainable company that has minimal impact on the environment.


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