Environmental Systems

Ensuring The Highest Environmental Standards Are Always Maintained

In order to maintain our commitment to good environmental practice we have environmental systems in place.

We are responding to the threat of climate change and depleting resources by creating products and services that have longevity, have less pact on environment or are ideally carbon neutral.

RIGCOM Group, of which RIGCOM Access is a part, is taking steps to reduce its energy use. In addition, RIGCOM Group has systems in place to ensure personnel are trained in all aspects of its policy and adhere to it at all times.

This allows RIGCOM Group to reduce the environmental impact of its activities. Underpinning this approach are quality assurance checks designed to ensure work meets Australian and Global standards in all 3 phases of a project: Planning, Implementation and Review. This is not just for safety standards but also for environmental impact.

RIGCOM Group and the core values at the heart of company will prove that safety and sustainability will always be a central focus. To find out more about how we operate in a safe and sustainable way in our projects, contact us today.

RIGCOM Access Environmental Policy

RIGCOM Access is committed to minimising the impact of its business operations on the environment by conserving resources and by consistently operating within a documented Environment Management System (EMS). Our Environmental Policy is communicated to employees, clients, and contractors and is available to the public on request;

We are committed to:-

  • Complying with all applicable environmental regulations, industry standards and contractual requirements;
  • Implementing and maintaining a documented Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO14001;
  • Promoting responsible environmental practices to all existing and new employees through an effective induction process and ongoing communication on company performance with environmental matters;
  • Achieving continual improvement of the Environmental Management System through periodic reviews against annually defined environmental objectives;
  • Achieving minimisation of waste with both input resources as well as end products including packaging, recycling and preventing pollution;
  • To develop energy and natural resource saving initiatives;
  • To assess and minimise the environmental impact in the development process for all new products.

The Managing Director directly supports the Environmental System requirements by integrating environmental deliberation and responsibility into day to day decisions and long term goals across all business activities and disciplines.


Our Mission

Is to provide the best height safety access maintenance services on the market. Allowing our clients focus on what they do best.


Safety And Sustainability

Safety is core to the RIGCOM Access culture. As is building a sustainable company that has minimal impact on the environment.


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