Rope Access - Oil & Gas, Mining & Processing, Energy & Utilities

RIGCOM Access is a premium provider of Rope Access Services. Rope Access Services have become more necessary as building projects and building developments become more complex. Oil rigs, mines, skyscrapers, sports arenas, bridges, tunnels and many more places require safe and strong access solutions.

OH&S regulations have tightened Australia-wide as a result and to be compliant can be especially difficult as so many variables have to be accounted for. The Rope Access services, RIGCOM Access carry out include:

  • Industrial Facility Maintenance: Utilising rope access techniques, facility managers are able to decrease their down time and increase their productivity by the speed and efficiency at which rope access can be deployed.
  • Building Maintenance: To ensure the smooth running of a buildings maintenance, rope access allows managers the ability to maintain a complex structure at all times.
  • Sign & Banner Installations: Highly visible locations, that are ideal for sign and banner installations are notoriously difficult to access. RIGCOM Access can approach each project with the end goal in mind, and can erect or remove any signage using a custom rope access solution.
  • Cleaning & Repairs: In complex structures, the ability to complete cleaning and repair tasks takes on a new level of difficulty. RIGCOM Group is able to remove that issue with its custom rope access solutions.
  • Painting: To complete painting projects to facilities, towers and buildings that have difficult to access areas, RICGOM Access is able to use its skill and expertise to get a result with the least downtime.
  • By providing value, rope access services that are safe, efficient and sustainable, we can help our clients better allocate their resources, maximise their budgets and focus on their core activities.

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