We believe every Job should be done right the first time, every time. We believe in delivering Amazing Service.

Simply providing the solution isn’t enough. Our product is our service. The installation of a height safety system or rigging of fans are just by-products of what we do. What we do is, provide Amazing Service.

Most people see a service as just a way to get to an end destination, to get a report they need, to install a height safety system. We see the end result as simply a by-product of what it is we do.

We Serve.


Our Mission

Is to provide the best height safety access maintenance services on the market. Allowing our clients focus on what they do best.


Safety And Sustainability

Safety is core to the RIGCOM Access culture. As is building a sustainable company that has minimal impact on the environment.


New Centre

Read about our latest projects, industry news and what is happening in the world of RIGCOM Access.