• Rope Access

    Professional & Reliable Rope Access Services, including Facility Maintenance, Reporting and Inspections.
  • Height Safety

    See why companies like the SCG, Coca Cola, and Qantas choose us for their Height Safety solutions.
  • Rigging

    Industrial Rigging for tunnels, mine sites, and telecoms across Australasia.
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    Hard to reach inspections, become easy with UAV’s.
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If you want the best value for money, the highest quality products and services, combined with the benchmark of care and attention to detail, RIGCOM Access is the company for you.

We believe every project should be done right the first time, every time. We believe in delivering an Amazing Service.

Simply providing the solution to your requirements isn't enough. Our product, is our service. The installation of a height safety system, accessing the inaccessible via rope access or the rigging of plant and structures are just by-products of what we do. What we do is provide an Amazing Service.

Most people see a service as just a way to get to an end result, to get the inspection report they need, to install a height safety system. We see the end result as simply a by-product of what it is we do.

We Serve.

Craig E.D Myton
Rope Access

Highly qualified and experienced teams of Rope Access technicians that can perform a wide variety of solutions for our clients.

Height Safety

High quality products to suit a diverse range of applications. From permanent installations to mobile fall protection.


Multi disciplined Rigging teams for Industrial, Telecommunication and Entertainment needs.


Fast and effective inspection services utilising our UAV platforms.

Are you a property manager, business owner or construction contractor wondering what to do to access heights and accomplish your duties? We do understand and are ready to help you work on your tasks quickly and safely. With more than 7 years in business, serving clients across Asia-Pacific with their height safety needs, we have the expertise and knowledge to assess working at height projects across multiple industries.

For reliable, consistent delivery that you know you can trust, RIGCOM Access is the best option to meet your working at height needs. Here are the services we happily provide:


Rope Access

As building projects and building development become more complicated, Rope Access is becoming crucial across difference industries including painting, building maintenance, sign and banner installation, and industrial facility maintenance. Our rope access services are efficient, sustainable and safe. Our goal is to use industrial abseiling to enhance a better allocation of our clients’ resources, help them optimise their budgets and concentrate on activities that matter.

Rope Access solutions are now common place on many Oil & Gas, Mining, Utility and Infrastructure projects, due to the easy rapid deployment of teams to carry out minor and major maintenance tasks whist working at heights, and difficult to reach access locations.

Height-SafetyHeight Safety Services

We know how risky and fatal it is to work at heights. Our operation teams are highly trained according to the Australian Standards AS1891 - Industrial Fall Arrest Systems and Devices & AS1657 - Fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders - Design, construction and installation. The Australian government takes these codes seriously, and so do we. We are here to ensure height safety in the workplace, as well as help you to remain within the correct height safety laws.

Our highly qualified teams provides height safety services in such a manner that our clients can rest assured that they are getting the best safety solution to meet their needs so their employees can carry out their services and maintenance task from all heights. We ensure height safety using different systems including static line systems, rail systems, vertical-line systems anchor systems, access systems and industrial abseiling. We also offer custom mobile fall protection solutions to suite our clients needs.


Our highly qualified and experienced industrial rigging teams can do all of our client`s complex and simple rigging tasks.  We also help our clients to get complete turnkey solutions in the telecommunication maintenance, inspection and asset updating.

Our rigging teams have carried our a variety of works on tunnel infrastructure, including Jet Fan Maintenance, Telecommunication and general facility maintenance rigging tasks are also within our teams capabilities.

UAVUnmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV services)

We have highly experienced inspection engineers, UAV pilots, Land Surveyors and unique and specially designed UAV technology that provides our clients with the information they need to aid in critical decision making in their UAV operations.

Our UAV services are of high quality with the latest equipment, and we use well-designed approaches that is unique to us. We also ensure that our clients get quick and affordable solutions that will increase the customer`s facility productivity through UAV monitoring and surveillance.

Utilising Drones our clients can take advantage of their ability to fly freely within any three-dimensional space, providing builders/facility managers with a number of applications that were once expensive and impractical to implement. Surveying with Drones is also incredibly important from a technical perspective where 3D modelling is now being able to used to construct relevant models to give managers a better statistical overview of how their projects are progressing.

Why choose us?

We provide top-notch services to customers to enable them to carry out their core business activities conveniently.

We work with a trained and highly experienced team of service providers. You can be guaranteed that the services we offer have a strong professional foundation, and we will ensure maximum returns to your investment in our services.

Do you have a question or need help in any of our services? Don’t hesitate to reach us at admin@rigcomaccess.com or call us through 1300 893 230.

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'We have found RIGCOM Access to be a breath of fresh air in the industry, in regards to compliance and reliability not just in the way they conduct their work but the quality of work they finish off and provide back to us. I would thoroughly and highly recommend RIGCOM Access for any height access, or Rope Access work and fully endorse them and their products for anybody in a variety of industries.'

Luke Schibeci, WHSE Manager, Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust

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